• Professionalism

Hai Nguyen is empowered by a team of employees with professional training and strong commitment to work. With a responsible working manner, enhanced by the attentiveness to our customers’ need, the company is committed to delivering the best service and products in the market.


  • Expertise

After 15 years cooperating with domestic and foreign enterprises, Hai Nguyen is knowledgeable of all air-conditioning machines and appliances. Therefore, we can assess accurately and carry out the optimal solutions for our customers’ concern. It is not much to say that Hai Nguyen is the “right doctor” for your air-conditioners.


  • Service package – high quality – reasonable price

The distinctive feature from our service is that we can cover all the technical steps, including choosing the suitable products, assembling, repairing and maintaining the products overtime. The whole service package is ensured with the highest quality and reasonable price.